Summer Neuropeptide Conference

March 7, 2016

Dear Friends,

It gives me great pleasure and honor to invite you all to take part in REGPEP2016. Dr. David Vaudry and the organizing committee have organized an excellent meeting with versatile symposia covering all aspects on peptides from gut to brain and back including neuroimmune interactions. I am sure that each and all of you will enjoy this excellent meeting and I would like to urge you to register and submit abstracts. We have slots for speakers in all designated symposia and we encourage excellent poster presentations. Please encourage your students and postdoctoral fellows to join and move our field forward for exciting basic science and translation into clinical research.

I would like to dedicate an issue of the Journal of Molecular Neuroscience to Peptides: the gut brain connection. Please consider this as a personal invitation and submit your contribution celebrating the impact of peptides on molecular neuroscience.

I look forward to welcoming you in beautiful France,


Illana Gozes
President, Summer Neuropeptide Conference
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Molecular Neuroscience, Springer-Nature




Bordeaux, March 7 2016

Dear Colleagues,

It is with a real pleasure that I invite you to attend the next RegPep meeting that will take place this summer in Rouen from 12th to 14th of July.

On behalf of the organizing committee, Dr. David Vaudry has announced an excellent and exciting International Scientific Program that will cover all the most recent advances on peptides that regulate cell, tissue or organ functions in physiological or pathological conditions.

I would like to convince you to take the chance to participate to this meeting and I prompt you to come to RegPep2016 and submit abstracts for oral communications and/or posters. Please encourage also younger researchers, students and post-doctoral fellows to register and by this way to enlarge the community in this field of bioactive peptides.

With best regards

Céline Douat
President of the French Group of Peptide and Proteins



European Neuropeptide Club

March 8 2016

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It is a great honour to invite the members of the European Neuropeptide Club to participate in REGPEP 2016 organized in Rouen from 12th to 14th July.

The organizing committee managed by David Vaudry has prepared an interesting programme and recruited excellent scientists from the regulatory peptide research. We will follow several symposia about the recent important findings related to the regulatory roles of neuropeptides in degenerative processes, tumour progression, metabolic disorders, immune-mediated diseases and inflammation.

I would like you to take part in this meeting and encourage also your young colleagues and PhD students to register and prepare abstracts until the deadline of the submission (26/04/2016).

This will be a really good chance to meet „Peptide People” and know the brand new results in the „Regulatory Peptide Area”. It also will be a special opportunity to visit the capital of Normandy and admire the amazing Cathedral that is well known by the famous French impressionist Claude Monet.

With best regards,


Erika Pintér

President of the European Neuropeptide Club




March 13 2016

Dear friends and colleagues

I m really delighted to invite all of you to participate in REGPEP2016 organized by Dr. David Vaudry (Rouen, France). This forthcoming and exciting conference will cover different areas of peptides with timely contents. Indeed, the multifunction of the peptides is the novel era and kingdom that all of us will be investigating passionately in the future.

I urge and recommend to all of you to register and submitting abstracts that could be converted, in some cases, to oral presentations. I m convinced you will enjoy this conference and take advantage from its high scientific level. ! Your presence and those of your students and colleagues will help to promote this interesting conference.

Looking forward to meet you in Rouen shortly,


Djamel Drider

On behalf of the French Antimicrobial Peptides Society



International Regulatory Peptide Society

March 14 2016

Dear Colleagues,

It is an unrestricted pleasure to bring your attention to the forthcoming Symposium on Regulatory Peptides. The meeting takes place in beautiful Rouen, France, from July 12 to July 14, 2016.

The programme covers most aspects of regulatory peptides including gut physiology and biochemistry, neuroscience, and cardiovascular endocrinology. The symposium comes with a long tradition of the best of the best within different aspects of mammalian and invertebrate physiology and the regulatory peptides involved. The forthcoming meeting honourably follows this tradition, where inspiration often can be found from other peptide systems than the one from personal focus.

We strongly welcome younger researchers to participate actively. Given the size of the meeting, there are plenty of opportunities to receive constructive feedback and motivation from highly esteemed colleagues – which is a particular quality embedded in the Society.

It also will be a special opportunity to visit the capital of Normandy and admire the amazing Cathedral that is well known by the famous French impressionist Claude Monet.

I sincerely hope to meet you in Rouen.


Jens Peter Goetze

Chairman of the International Regulatory Peptide Society




March 16 2016

Dear Colleagues,

David Vaudry has put together a very interesting, comprehensive, peptide meeting. It should be very educational, so please attend.

With best regards,


Abba J. Kastin

President of the International Neuropeptide Society/Society for Biologically Active Peptides

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