July 12th


July 13th

Oral Com 1

Central regulation of food intake by neuropeptide


Constance Chollet

Design and stability studies of dual peptides simultaneously targeting ghrelin and Y2 receptors

Oral Com 4

Peptidomic approaches for peptide characterization

Stephen Lock

CESI-MS and it application to neuropeptide analysis


Florent Guillebaud

Glial endozepines reverse high-fat diet induced obesity by increasing leptin sensitivity

Ekaterina Kolesanova

Mouse brain peptidome analysis as an approach for revealing new biologically active peptides


Nicolas Lucas

Effects of α-MSH-reactive immunoglobulins on the melanocortin 4 receptor-mediated signaling in patients with eating disorders and obesity

Neva Alasağ

Simultaneous Determination of Substance P and CGRP in Rat Truncus Encephali Tissues



Auriane Corbière

Involvment of Nociceptin in cerebellar cortex development

Oral Com 2

Peptides new functions


Nils Wierup

Antidiabetic effects of Cocaine- and amphetamine-regulated transcript (CART)

Oral Com 5

Peptides : Biomarkers and targets for cancer treatment


Marie Laval

Targeting gastrins in intestinal cancer with oral bismuth


PACAP stimulates the corneal healing in mice


Benjamin Poret

Development of radiolabeled urotensinergic analogs to image solid tumors

Roberta Possenti

The secretogranin VGF as precursor of biologically active peptides


Gwen Murphy

High concentrations of serum gastrin and cholecystokinin are associated with subsequent development of gastric cancer in a prospective cohort of Finnish smokers



Martin K.h. Schäfer

Preclinical PAC1 targeting of insulinomas with radiolabeled maxadilan

Oral Com 3

Peptides renal effects


Nicolas Gilles

Mambaquaretin, a green mamba toxin as a new therapeutic agent for polycystic kidney diseases

Oral Com 6

Peripheral modulation of food intake


Nora Elisabeth Zois

Hyperinsulinemia decreases pro-atrial natriuretic peptide concentrations in healthy and insulin resistant individuals

Hiromi Takahashi-Iwanaga

Renal medullary cholecystokinin as a regulator of proximal tubular sodium reabsorption


John Vu

Inhibition of VIP induced resistance to a 45% high fat Western diet-induced body weight and fat accumulation and suppression of active-ghrelin, GLP-1, glucagon insulin and adipogenesis

Elisa Pouline Jensen

Renal Effects of GLP-1 in Normotensive and Spontaneously Hypertensive rats


Benoit Cudennec

Peptides from protein digestion are able to modulate GLP-1 secretion, cross intestinal barrier and inhibit DPP-IV activity



Cristina COCCO

Effect of TLQP-21 peripheral injection on food intake and reproduction mechanisms in female Siberian Hamsters

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