Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the International Regulatory Peptide Society, the International Neuropeptide Society/Society for Biologically Active Peptides, the Summer Neuropeptide Conferences, the European Neuropeptide Club , the Groupe Français des Peptides et des Protéines and the société française des peptides antimicrobiens, we would like to invite you to Rouen (Normandy, France) from July 12th to 14th, 2016 to participate to the RegPep2016. The venue of the RegPep2016 will be the Law Faculty, a beautiful new building located in downtown Rouen, on the bank of the Seine River, within walking distance from the Place du Vieux-Marché (where Joan of Arc was burnt alive in 1431) and the famous Cathedral, painted by Claude Monet.

An International Scientific Program Committee has evaluated the Symposium proposals that we have collected and has established and exciting program that will favor translational research. Sessions will thus address both basic and clinical issues. Participation of clinicians and private companies is encouraged. Basic research will also be well represented with some sessions addressing for instance evolutionary aspects. Coming to RegPep2016, you will be able to learn about the most recent advances on peptides that regulate cell, tissue or organ functions in physiological or pathological conditions.

The scientific program will comprise a Lay-public Conference, 3 Plenary Lectures, 20 Symposia with 80 State-of-the-Art Lectures, 32 Free Oral Communications selected from the abstracts, 12 Communications from Young Investigators and 2 Poster Sessions. The social events, included in the registration fee of all participants and accompanying persons, will comprise a get-together party on Tuesday July 12th, a visit of Rouen Museums and a Banquet Dinner on Wednesday July 13th, and a visit of Rouen plus a firework display on the Seine River on Thursday July 14th. Travel awards for young investigators (graduate students and postdoctoral fellows) will be available. Some satellite meetings will be organized before the RegPep2016 (July 11th) and an optional excursion to Etretat will be proposed after the meeting (July 15th). We very much hope that you will be able to join us for this major international meeting on bioactive peptides in Rouen in 2016. At this meeting, you will also meet old friends and colleagues, and initiate new relationships with others working in fields similar to your own. In the meantime, if there is anything that we can do to help you attend the Congress; please do not hesitate to contact us directly at

Instruction for oral and poster presentation

The poster should have a clear heading which includes the title and name of authors. The font size should be large enough to be read from a distance of 150 cm. Poster boards measuring 80 cm (width) and 120 cm (height) will be provided (portrait format).

A computer will be to speakers and no personal computer will be accepted for presentations. Accepted files are Office 2003, Office 2007, Office 2010, PDF and OpenOffice documents running under Windows Seven.

Is the RegPep2016 for me?

If you are researcher from academia or industry interested in bioactive peptides, the RegPep2016 is for you.

If you study how peptides regulate cell, tissue or organ functions in physiological or pathological conditions, the RegPep2016 is for you. Among others, the effect of peptides on stress, visceral pain, metabolic disorders, neurodegenerative diseases, immune response, skin, tumor development and microbes will be addressed.

If you want to meet people working on both basic research and clinical issues, the RegPep2016 is for you.

Parallel complementary sessions are proposed to address a variety of topics for a wide audience. Topics will go from peptide discovery to therapeutic applications through evolutionary aspects, structure activity relationship and in silico approaches for peptide identification and design.

Two poster sessions will be organized and many slots for oral presentations from senior scientists and young investigators have been left, so do not hesitate to submit abstracts of your most recent results on bioactive peptides. We are very much looking for innovative results on subjects that are not already covered in the present program.

Junior Price

Randox Health has decided to sponsor a Junior Price. This price will be given during the RegPep to a speaker under 35 years old.

Victor Mutt award 2016 attributed to Matthias Tschöp

Dr Matthias Tschöp MD, PhD will be the recipient of the Viktor Mutt Lectureship 2016 at the RegPep2016 to be held in Rouen in July. Tschöp is the Director of the Helmholtz Diabetes Center at Helmholtz Zentrum München and Chair of Metabolic Diseases at the Technische Universität München, Germany. Professor Tschöp has distinguished himself by discovering and developing several leading classes of novel drug candidates targeting neuroendocrine pathways to prevent or treat diabetes, obesity and metabolic diseases. Among those, early on, he reported the orexigenic, adipogenic, and metabolic effects of the gastric peptide ghrelin, identifying it as the “hunger hormone”, being the physiological opponent of the “fat signal” leptin (Nature 2000). Recently, in a series of collaborative studies with the chemist Richard DiMarchi, by combining several gut hormones into one molecule to simultaneously target multiple neuroendocrine pathways, he improved body weight and glucose metabolism with unprecedented efficacy (Nature Chemical Biology, 2009; Nature Medicine, 2015). The originally of his research contributions on gut peptides and translational application leading to novel therapeutic strategies to curtail global epidemics of obesity and diabetes have been recognized by a number of other prices and awards.

34th European Peptide Symposium and the 8th International Peptide Symposium

The 34th European Peptide Symposium and the 8th International Peptide Symposium that will take place from September 4th to 9th in Leipzig, Germany.

Our main topics range from Amino Acids & SPPS, Biomaterials, Cellular Signaling, Chemical Modification of Proteins, Peptide Analytics, Peptide Carriers & Uptake, Peptide Structure & Function, Peptide Therapeutics & Drug Design, Peptides & Proteins in Imaging, Peptides in Immunology/Glycopeptides, Peptides in Industry, Peptides in Metabolic Diseases, Peptide Tools to Protein-Protein Interactions.

We provide an excellent platform to exchange ideas on latest approaches and discoveries in all aspects of peptide science. Join us!

Please find the home page of the symposium:

Registration for the Workshop ‘Quantification of peptides in biological samples’ is now open

We have just completed the program for the first workshop that will be on ‘Quantification of peptides in biological samples’.

The workshop organized by the PISSARO Proteomics Platform together with Agilent Technologies and NanoTemper Technologies aims at presenting new approaches to measure peptides & proteins levels in biological samples. The workshop will take place at the University of Rouen (CURIB, Mont-Saint-Aignan Campus) on July 11th 2016, from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM. The workshop will include 4 conferences by invited speakers in the morning, a lunch around posters and exhibitions, and some practical demonstrations in the afternoon. Participation to this workshop is free but registration mandatory. Participants are welcome to submit abstracts before May 8th to present a poster of their work during this workshop.

For more information regarding the program, registration and abstract submission, click here.

Invited speaker for plenary lecture

The second invited speaker for our plenary lectures will be Reinhard Grisshammer (NINDS, Rockville, USA). The title of his presentation will be ‘Structure and dynamics of the neurotensin receptor NTSR1’.

Lay public conference

Mr Serge Auvin, Director Compound Discovery from IPSEN laboratories will give the Lay Public conference on July 11th 2016 at 8 :00 PM. The title of his presentation will be "Les peptides, une origine naturelle de médicaments innovants pour les patients" (Peptides, a natural source of innovative medicines for patients).

Invited speaker for plenary lecture

One of the speakers for our plenary lectures will be Jens Rehfled (University of Copenhagen). The title of his presentation will be ‘CCK – from local gut hormone to ubiquitous messenger system’

Award from GFPP

The GFPP (French Group on Peptide and Proteins) has decided that one of the speakers from the RegPep2016 will be selected to be a guest speaker at GFPP 2017, which will take in spring 2017 in Arcachon (South West of France).

New section on the website

You can find a new section entitled "Publication of Proceedings" by clicking here.

International Neuropeptide Society/Society for Biologically Active Peptides

The International Neuropeptide Society/Society for Biologically Active Peptides ( is now associated to the organization of the RegPep2016. This society, which federates seven neuropeptide societies, is open to all scientists interested in and conducting research with neuropeptides, including all biologically active peptides.

Registrations are now open for RegPep 2016

Registrations, abstract submissions and booking of accommodations are now open. An attractive price is available until January 31th, 2016 for early registration.
Regarding your hotel, we recommend that you your hotel as early as possible because Rouen hotels can be busy during summer periods.

Call for Symposia

REGPEP2016 will be a joint meeting between the International Regulatory Peptide Society, the Summer Neuropeptide Conferences, and the European Neuropeptide Club. This International Meeting will take place in Rouen (Normandy, France) from July 12th to 14th, 2016. The official language of the meeting will be English. The scientific program will include 6 Plenary lectures (50 minutes each), 2 Poster sessions (2 hours each) and at least 12 Symposia with parallel sessions (2 hours each).

The meeting will focus on peptides that regulate cell, tissue or organ functions in physiological or pathological conditions. Based on proposals received from you, an International Scientific Committee will set up the program.

Examples of topics that may be addressed:
-          Gastrointestinal functions
-          Neurotrophic activities
-          Obesity and Metabolism Regulation
-          Blood-brain barrier interactions with peptides
-          Peptides and the immune system
-          Cardiovascular functions and diseases
-          Cancer and anticancer peptides
-          Peptides and stress
-          Peptide delivery
-          Clinical peptides
-          Antimicrobial and venom peptides
-          Regulatory peptides in plants
-          Peptide biosynthesis and processing
-          Peptidomics
-          GPCR de-orphanization
-          ...

One aim of the meeting is to favor translational research. Sessions may thus address both basic and clinical issues. Participation of clinicians and private companies will be encouraged. Basic research will also be well represented and we expect some sessions to include evolutionary aspects.

The International Scientific Committee will select up to 10 symposia proposed by 2 chairpersons from 2 different countries. Also, at least 2 symposia will be issued from abstract submissions.
Each symposium will last 2 hours and should address scientific issues on a coherent theme of interest to a broad audience. Each symposium should include 4 speakers. Sessions that will include translational research and presentations by speakers from private companies will be well considered in the selection process. Nevertheless, sufficient room will be left for fundamental research. Chairpersons should avoid being among the invited speakers of their session.

Registration fees will be alleviated for invited speakers.

Applications should contain:
- name / affiliation / email address of the 2 chairpersons
- title and short description (max 150 words) of the proposed symposium
- names / affiliations/2 publications of the 4 putative speakers with provisional titles of their talks

The application should be submitted as a pdf file to: no later than June 30th, 2015.

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